Four enormous Clydesdale horses work together to free a stuck truck from snow

It is a commonly held belief that horses are a benchmark for power due to their impressive strength. However, the variations in strength between different horse breeds are quite apparent, as some breeds possess a more substantial physical stature, thereby increasing their strength. Depending on specific attributes such as endurance, speed, or power, there are different horse breeds that excel in one or more of these qualities.

Among the most powerful horse breeds, the Belgian Draft is a popular choice and is home to some of the strongest horses globally, such as Petra. The breed’s physical appearance is significantly larger compared to other horse breeds, making it an obvious choice for strength. While this is well-known, it may come as a surprise that Clydesdales also possess remarkable strength that can rival that of the Belgian Draft.

This breed of horse gained massive popularity from its appearance in Superbowl commercials, but the video below offers a real-life perspective on them, which differs from the portrayals seen in advertisements. In this particular video, a truck appears to have slid off the road and become stranded in the ice. With worsening weather conditions, the situation seemed dire, and it was only a matter of time before the truck would be immobilized indefinitely.

Despite requiring the eventual assistance of a snowplow and tow truck with road salt to free the stuck vehicle, the situation took a positive turn when several horses were discovered in the vicinity. Upon receiving instructions from their handler, the four strongest horses used their power to effortlessly pull the large tanker out of the icy trap.

Well, the fact that they managed to pull a heavy truck with little effort tells a lot about their power, which is an added value for them and definitely something that is not praised enough on social media. I am glad that the video below showcases it. Please make sure to watch it and share your thoughts.