Five puppies found buried in a hole by cyclists were rescued by carrying them to safety in their shirts

People going out of their way to help animals always makes me happy.

There is no substitute for the happiness that comes from assisting animals in need.

So here’s a story of a biker who discovered five abandoned pups and went above and beyond to assist them.

He provided them a ride and guided them to their destinations.

Tyago Costa Silva, a professional cyclist from Brazil, never imagined to stumble upon such a heartbreaking scene in the middle of nowhere that would force them to rethink their plans.

Tyago discovered five pups in a hole. He said that someone dug the pit and abandoned them to die.

The puppies were frail and unable to flee. The riders were taken aback by the puppies’ plight and couldn’t believe someone could be so heartless as to do such a thing.

As a result, the riders understood they had to assist. They drew the pups out and gave them food and water.

Tyago’s Instagram feed has a video of him giving the thirsty pups water from his bottle. They not only gave the puppies water, but they also transported them 12 kilometers in their shirts.

Tyago even took the five puppies to his house to give them extra attention.

Tyago claims he became quite upset and brought them home to care for them. He sounded surprised that people could be so harsh.

He expressed his hope that the puppies will find loving homes. Fortunately, the puppy’s tragic story has a happy ending. All five pups have found loving homes.

The rider was widely praised for his efforts. He claimed to have done the right thing. Tyago and his companions, thank you for assisting the puppies.