Rare footage: Fish kissing or battling for territory?

This pair of fish may appear to be engaged in a passionate seabed snog, but there is something far more serious going on.

The couple was filmed sucking each other’s faces in what appeared to be a very wet kiss off the coast of Lembeh, Indonesia.

However, the pair of Two Spot Wrasses filmed by Japanese diver Atsushi Sadaki, 59, were engaged in a fierce territorial battle.

The business design consultant said: ‘The fish look like they are absolutely crazy about kissing.

‘But this is not a beautiful love story. In fact it is a fight for territory.

‘Fighting scenes like this are rather rare. 

‘I watch these fish when I dive, and I have over 1,000 dives under my belt, and it is the first time I saw something like this.

‘It typically happens more in the mating season. They were fighting for a long time however, and I found it fascinating to watch.’