Feeble baby horse that was rejected by its mother undergoes a spectacular transformation

A miniature horse foal who was rejected by her mother shortly after birth undergoes the most remarkable transformation after being given a new home. Patty, who works with We Say Neigh Rescue, didn’t know what to do when the animal was born a month before its due date.

Because the foal hadn’t had anything to eat yet, Patty’s son and his girlfriend brought the young horse to her mother so that she could give her some milk. On the other hand, the mother horse refused to take the foal in. She would instead respond to her by kicking her feet at her.

The infant was weak due to the fact that she had not fed. Therefore, the veterinarian informed Patty that they would be forced to put the foal to death if she did not take her home with her. Addie, the baby horse, was rather sedentary during the first few days after she moved into her new home. Instead, she would remain in close proximity to Patty.

Source: Youtube

After three or four days, Addie began to move about on her own. She was happy in her new house. Patty’s home, on the other hand, did not have adequate space for a horse. Therefore, Patty had relocated the kitchen island to a different room in the house. She went so far as to buy Addie boots to protect her from slipping on the tile floor.

Addie had a lot of fun exploring her new home, taking things out to gnaw on, and looking around. Therefore, everytime Patty hears a commotion in her house, she immediately runs to check what Addie is wreaking havoc on. Even if the scene is chaotic, she doesn’t seem to mind it at all.

Patty is of the opinion that Addie is completely unaware that she is a horse at this point in time. Addie has a strong bond with Patty’s two rescue dogs and gets along extremely well with both of them. On the other hand, she and the male dog, Marlin, are almost inseparable from one another. They never spend time apart, always frolicking about the home together.

However, Addie finds it difficult to acclimate to living on the farm with the other horses. Therefore, Patty takes Addie to the farm for three hours every day so that she may get some exercise and run about. Rolling about in the field and doing laps around it are two of Addie’s favorite activities. She has adjusted nicely to life on the farm and is doing extremely well in her new environment.