Fearless Mom Saves Son From Deadly Snake Attack While Putting Her Own Life at Risk

This incident from Karnataka has demonstrated that mother is the only person who will genuinely sacrifice themselves for her child.

A video that depicts a courageous woman defending her son from a snake that was ready to bite him is going viral. The video, according to social media users who have shared it on multiple platforms, was recorded by a CCTV set up in a location in Mandya, Karnataka.

In the aforementioned video, the mother and boy leave their home without realizing a snake is in their route. The boy misses the snake since it is just next to the step outside the home.

source: Twitter 

When the carefree kid crosses the step, the snake recoils and extends its hood in self-defense after sensing the presence of a person. When the kid becomes frightened, he tries to leap over the snake to go back inside the home. The mother then snatches the kid and drags him away from the reptile.

source: Twitter 

She then runs inside while carrying the kid on her shoulders. The snake also descends.

A user said, “If there was a delay of even 1 second in pulling the boy, this cobra would have bitten him. My salute to mother’s love.”

Another said, “Really Miraculous Escape! It’s Believed…GOD thought, HE cannot be with Everybody in this World. Hence, HE sent in MOTHER.”

On the internet, others praised the mother’s bravery.