Exuberant dog holds the leash in her mouth as she walks the horse

A horse named Mojo enjoys going for walks with his adorable puppy pal Oden. In reality, Oden has a leash and leads Mojo!

The small brown dog leads him on a lengthy stroll along a beautiful trail while holding the long rein. Oden walks majestically in front of Mojo while holding the harness in his mouth.

The owner of Mojo and Oden finds it hilarious that her puppy was in control of a horse that was taller, stronger, and faster than her puppy, and she appreciates the comical moment.

Mojo seems like a very kind horse. He goes obediently alongside Oden, his canine companion. He walks with Mojo across every part of the vast farmland, which has a beautiful outlook.


The farm is situated in a beautiful area, and every animal appears to be in good condition and happiness. Another dog, in addition to Mojo and Oden, was eager to participate in the enjoyable activities and closely followed the two animals.

Oden made a valiant effort to hold the rein inside his mouth. Mojo eventually desired to be free of Oden’s dominance, but Oden was not prepared to comply.

Oden wanted to keep walking, but as Mojo stepped on the lengthy rope that held him in place, Oden was unable to do so. Any observer would be amazed to see such a lovely friendship between the tiny puppy and the horse.