Ex-police horse “cleans house” at his first performance

When the Portland, Oregon Police Bureau’s Mounted Patrol Unit was formally deactivated earlier this month, Murphy was one of numerous horses who were retired. He’s come back to spend his golden years with his previous owners, Randy and Jean Snow. Murphy, though, is not quite prepared to put his saddle away.

Last weekend, he took part in his very first show and trotted away with prizes for his walk and appearance!

Murphy was nurtured by the Snows from a foal, but they regrettably had too many of horses. The Gypsy Cross was gladly accepted as a member of the Mounted Patrol Unit. Throughout his career, Murphy went on to gain notoriety in Portland, where he was known for his large build and for having lost weight with the aid of a trainer.

The Snows have decided to enter their horse in dressage contests as a result of his success from his previous weekend, his amazing disposition, and his gigantic stature. In addition, they intend to get his horse involved in community outreach activities.

Mr. Snow said: “He just cleaned house and he won everything there was to win. Everyone fell in love with him. (We have) big plans for him, stuff with Wounded Warriors and some therapy stuff for children.”