Every day, a wild stag visits a lonely old woman’s house

Mette Kvam, 81, has been living alone in her mountaintop house since her husband’s death.

Life may be lonely at times. A hungry stag strayed into Mette’s yard in Aurland, Norway, four years ago.

Mette was immediately drawn to the huge deer’s calm and lovely personality. She immediately discovered how much he enjoyed snacking on breadcrumbs.

She called him Flippen, and the next day, he returned to pose beneath Mette’s window. Since that fatal first meeting, he has returned twice a day, every day.

The sweet incident below was captured on video by Britt, who saw Mette and Flippen together while strolling over the mountains.

The kindhearted widow enjoys nothing more than feeding and visiting with her dear friend.

The two have built an unbelievable friendship over the years. The wild deer must rise on his hind legs and reach up to her window to reach his human companion, but he doesn’t seem to mind.

There, he can always expect a special treat, pleasant words, and a few pets thrown in for good measure.