Elon Musk explains why he supports nuclear energy

Elon Musk is undoubtedly the world’s foremost advocate for renewable energy, and his company Tesla has produced some of the largest battery storage systems ever. Musk has asserted that he believes it is incorrect to stigmatize nuclear power at this time, particularly when renewable energy sources like solar and batteries continue to expand.

Along with helping Tesla reach new heights, Musk is also giving the XPRiZE Carbon Removal Challenge $100 million. The competition is progressing well; XPRIZE revealed the 15 “milestone round” winners in April of last year. Musk recently reiterated the value of carbon capture in an interview with the Getting Stoned podcast.

The parts per million of CO2 in the atmosphere must be decreased. It must be taken out of the atmosphere and placed somewhere to be stored. It will also make sense, in my opinion, to store it in a solid state. You are aware that a substance that has been preserved does not gradually evaporate and re-enter the atmosphere. According to Musk, you must extract and store the CO2.

Musk emphasized that this would demand a significant amount of energy. And he believes that, at least temporarily, using nuclear energy to power carbon capture plants is a terrific way to harness energy. Musk said that employing nuclear power is a reasonable energy source, excluding areas that are vulnerable to natural calamities.

Actually, I’m in favor of nuclear energy. I think nuclear power suffers from a bad reputation. I believe that unless a nuclear power station is located in a location that is particularly susceptible to natural disasters, it shouldn’t be shut down. In that situation, you know you can’t just say, “We’re just waiting for the actual but once in a century occasion.”

“Like what happened in Fukushima. Since there are several tsunamis and other natural calamities, having nuclear power there is probably not a good idea. But there isn’t really any appreciable danger of a natural catastrophe that may harm nuclear power facilities in, say, France, Germany, or many areas of the US. In that scenario, we shouldn’t shut them down,” Musk remarked.

Elon Musk eventually concluded that the world’s energy sources will probably be solar energy and batteries. Nuclear power, for example, is not at all unwanted as a temporary solution while the transition takes place. It unquestionably performs better than using more polluting energy sources, such as coal and fossil fuels.