Elephants save calf from drowning (viral video)

A herd of elephants can be seen in this video attempting to save a calf from drowning in a pond. The video was posted on Twitter on Saturday by a person going by the name of Gabriele Corno. It was taken in Seoul Zoo in South Korea.

A newborn elephant and his mother are sipping water from a pool in the clip when the calf unexpectedly falls into the water. After that, the mother elephant becomes terrified and attempts to pull the baby out of the water. A second, more seasoned elephant comes to the infant elephant’s aid.

The calf appeared to be drowning as it struggled to keep its trunk above the water. The two elephants can then be seen running to the pool, grabbing hold of him to prevent him from drowning, and guiding him into the pool’s shallow end. The calf was saved by their fast thinking and selflessness, demonstrating the compassion of elephants.

The video and act were praised in the comments section. Someone posted, “It is heartwarming to watch, but I don’t think the baby elephant’s life was ever in danger. Someone was panning the camera, so the enclosure was being supervised.”

Another comments, “I’m waiting for the day people aren’t surprised when animals act like more than objects. Animals are just like us (better than us actually), the only difference is they haven’t learned to speak our language (well some have).”