Elderly mare becomes pregnant and is blessed with pair of rare twin foals

Pregnancy and the birth of a child are some of the most challenging yet awe-inspiring experiences for any mother worldwide. It marks the beginning of a new generation in the family and is a truly powerful moment. However, before embarking on this journey, several factors need to be considered, with a woman’s age being one of the most crucial ones.

Human fraternal twin births occur in about 32 out of every 1,000 pregnancies, but the likelihood of a horse having twins is nearly impossible, with only 1 in 10,000 pregnancies resulting in two foals. However, a stroke of luck defied the odds for one American Paint Horse. 16-year-old Tiki gave birth to a rare set of twin foals, Woodcock Pocket and Charming Opal, a sight that is a rarity for horse owners worldwide.

At her age, this sweet older mother may be considered a bit old to give birth. However, she took excellent care of herself during her pregnancy, with the Mason family overseeing and providing regular ultrasounds to monitor the babies. The Mason family, who discovered the twins through an early ultrasound of their cherished horse, are the loving owners and caregivers of Tiki.

Although complications may frequently arise with multiple births in larger animals like horses, Tiki’s two foals were born healthy and content. It brings me great joy that despite the anticipated difficulties of this situation, Tiki had a successful pregnancy.

Watch the precious video below: