Elderly dog weeps with joy upon the return of her best friend from the military

Your dog really missed you. That is the definition of unconditional love. Such a unique love. They’re glad they’ve reunited. Buddy, a 13-year-old Golden Retriever, has spent her entire life with Hannah Foraker, her best friend.

When Hannah turned 21, she enlisted in the army and went to basic training in Oklahoma. Hannah couldn’t wait to see Buddy when she returned home for Christmas after three months away at basic training.

Buddy was overcome with joy and excitement when she saw Hannah again. She buries her face in Hannah’s lap and bursts into tears of joy when she sees her after three months apart.

Of course, Hannah was moved and began to pet her cherished companion. These are the kinds of photos that make you cry… Buddy is getting on in years, has arthritis, and is mostly deaf, but that didn’t stop her from making Hannah feel welcome.

Foraker said: We opened the front door and she came running out and greeted me and my family, but then kind of did a double-take and came back to me. The dog is the most devoted animal of all.

They never forget those they love and give them “Unconditional Love”. This is true love when a dog and his best friend reunite, and it’s a wonderful welcome home for them both. So it just goes to show that animals have feelings as well.

Dogs will never forget or love you because you came home. Both of them are blessed by God. God bless you, dog! Animals are extremely affectionate and loving… May they have a long and prosperous life together.

Watch the touching reunion in the video below: Human-dog friendship is both magical and heartwarming. Have you ever witnessed a reunion like this?