Drowning bear cub clings to a boat, and the fishermen risks being bitten to save him

Two strange figures were spotted in the middle of the sea by two fishermen on a routine fishing trip. When they got a closer look, they realized they were bear cubs trying to stay alive by swimming! So they knew they had to take action.

They were also aware that they were putting themselves in grave danger because mama bears are fiercely protective of their cubs! Anyway, they decided to assist the cubs and search for their mother in the sea, but they were unsuccessful! They also noticed a large bear watching the baby bear on the shoreline.

They were more afraid after seeing the mama that they would be struck when they gave the cubs to their mama. In any case, they decided to take a chance and drive their boat close to the cubs in order to save them.

Despite being very scared to be struck, they were able to save the 2 cubs, and take them to their mama to reunite with her! What a happy ending for these cubs! Watch the video below.