Dramatic moment: Fish jump like ‘popcorns’ to flee the net

The incident occurred in Illinois during the Red Neck Fishing Tournament. As the participants attempted to catch the invasive carps, they jumped up. The viral video stunned internet users. Every year, the tournament is held to rid the body of water of carps, which pose a serious threat to the ecosystem.

A rare scenario occurred during a fishing competition, which perplexed the participants. Reuters posted a video of fish jumping out of the water during the Red Neck Fishing Tournament in Illinois.

The participants, armed with nets and helmets, are seen in the video encountering the strange scene of little fishes popping up.

A competitor, Jim Vorass, told Reuters that the incident happened while they were on their way to catch the invasive carp from the Great Lakes region. He said it felt like the carps were “jumping like popcorns” as they tried to catch them.

The annual fishing tournament aims to rid the bodies of water of the invasive carp that threaten them. In relation to the tournament, another competitor, Joe Tooker, stated that the carps caught are used as animal feed and fertilizer.

Meanwhile, netizens were stunned by the video. “Treat. Get in the front of the boat. You need to bite/grab ’em when they come your way,” wrote one user. Another stated, “Rumor has It that if you catch 100 of them you’ll find a river dragon.”

A third user commented, “Looks like the invasive carp are trying to leave the Illinois river… yikes.” One user stated, “Such a great idea! Making a positive out of a negative.”

Because of its higher reproductive rate and adaptability, carp are considered a threat to water bodies. They reproduce frequently throughout the year and have the potential to dominate an ecosystem.