Dog makes a daring leap from a window to escape a burning house

It is said that cats have nine lives because they can survive a fall from great heights and land on their feet. However, this dog may also appear on this list!

The dog in Fleetwood, Berks County, did not hesitate for a second before making a daring leap to escape a burning house.

Passerby Justin Steinmetz spotted the dog while driving to work, according to NBC Philadelphia. The children were at school, and the adults were at work, so the residence was thankfully empty.

Seeing this, Justin frantically sought assistance, and he was able to convince another driver to call the police! Anyway, they used a hose to put out the fire, but it was ineffective!

Screenshot via Youtube/Steinmetz Family Farms

When the firefighters arrived, they could see Charlie, the family’s dog, from the second-floor window! While Justin was recording, the firefighters coaxed the dog to jump, which is precisely what occurred! Thankfully, he made a leap to ensure his survival, and he is now safe!

Watch the video!