Dog living in the shelter was continually turned away, so he decided to make his own bed in order to prove that he is a good boy

Rush, a gentle and loving Pit Bull, had a difficult life on the streets until he was taken in by the SICSA Pet Adoption Center in Ohio. Despite his endearing personality, potential adopters were hesitant to adopt a Pit Bull. However, one day, the volunteers witnessed Rush making his bed with utmost care, tucking the sheets neatly in all corners, just to look good for the adoption visits.

Finally, a lovely couple who had lost their dog gave Rush a forever home, and everyone is overjoyed for him. Rush’s sad face disappeared as he embraced his new life as a beloved family member. We extend our congratulations and heartfelt prayers to this sweet and adorable dog and his new family. Thank you to the couple who adopted him and showed him the love and care he deserves. Rush is a kind soul and deserves the best in life. We wish him all the happiness and love in his new home, and hope he thrives as a cherished and beloved family member.