Friendly dog interrupts international soccer match and demands belly rubs

The daring dog interrupted a women’s international football match in Chile and demanded pats and belly rubs from a goalkeeper and the referee before being carried off by stunned players.

The amusing moment occurred on June 26 during a match between Chile and Venezuela at Curico’s La Granja stadium.

In the 36th minute, with the score level 0-0, video footage showed the black dog wandering on the touchline while photographers petted it.

Moments later, the Venzeuela team defeated Chile’s push at the back before winning a throw, and the dog jumped for the chance to enter the pitch.

Before receiving similar treatment from the referee, it asked and received pats and belly rubs from Chilean goalie Christiane Endler.

As it refused to be removed, the animal ran the length of the pitch. It took two players and one on the sidelines to get the dog off the field.

Wishing this dog the endless supply of cuddles it so clearly deserves.

Animals have recently been seen entering football fields in other places. A cat disrupted a crucial part of Sheffield Wednesday’s League One victory over Wigan earlier this year.

In the 94th minute, Wigan were chasing a 1-0 lead when the feline entered the field of play, halting the Latics’ momentum as they sought a late equalizer.

Wigan substitute Jason Kerr, on the other hand, spent the final few minutes chasing the cat around the pitch, but it showed a great turn of pace to evade the defender’s challenge before he eventually handed the animal over to a Wednesday staff member.