Discover The Victoria Crowned Pigeon, Nature’s Most Elegant Bird (20 Pics)

Nature’s magnificent masterpieces can be found everywhere we look on this incredible world.

Given the evidence shown here, it is simple to understand why some believe that nature is the world’s greatest artist:

Image credits: The Virginia Zoo

We must admit that the Victoria Crowned Pigeon is an exotic bird that doesn’t resemble any other pigeon.

Image credits: Laura Wolf

Along with its stunning crown, which it proudly displays on top of its head, it also has bright blue feathers.

Image credits: The Virginia Zoo

This type of bird can reach the weight of an adult turkey.

Image credits: Laura Wolf

The moniker Queen Victoria of Britain, who governed the UK during the end of the 19th century, was given to these magnificent pigeons, who are native to New Guinea.

Image credits: Sandy Cole

These rare birds can be difficult to be seen in the nature because of facing threats from deforestation and other factors in their natural environment.

Image credits: Kitty Schweizer

As a result, this species of birds has been classified as Near Threatened on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Animals.

Image credits: Bernard Dupont

Maximum egg production from the female during a spawning season is one egg, which does not promote population expansion.

Image credits: Dennis Jarvis

They have a special mating dance that is just as intricate just like you would anticipate from such a luxurious, beautiful bird.

Image credits: Dennis Jarvis

The species’ male bends his head to display his magnificent crest, which is his best feature, before approaching the female in an effort to court her.

Image credits: Heather Paul

Then he performs a particular, expertly orchestrated mating song that involves rhythmically swinging his tail and vigorously wagging it.

Image credits: Jimmy Palma Gil
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Image credits: Cloudtail the Snow Leopard
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Image credits: cuatrok77