Disabled dog abandoned twice in one day, finally adopted into ‘loving’ home

A crippled dog that was twice left behind in the same day in a “heartbreaking” video that prompted a police inquiry has been adopted.

CCTV footage from Sao Leopoldo, Brazil, in January shows Tintin being shoved out of a car by his owner.

As his owner drives away, Tintin, who only has three legs and has a disability with his remaining front leg, can be seen chasing after the vehicle.

According to The Mirror, Tintin was discovered a little later by a local who thought he had become lost and returned him to his owners.

But the same day, the woman’s husband dumped Tintin once more.

The mixed-breed dog was taken in by the Patas Guerreras animal shelter, which reported that considering the circumstances, the dog did “exceptionally well.”

Hundreds of people posted the video showing Tintin being abandoned on social media, which sparked petitions and “mobilized hundreds of candidates” to think about adopting rescue animals, according to Revista News.

Social media users referred to the woman as “the most evil person on the planet”.

More than 30 families eventually submitted applications to adopt Tintin, but Anderson Ribeiro, the secretary of animal protection, claimed that finding a new owner wasn’t simple.

“The process involves a whole judicial issue due to abandonment, as well as a dispute by the former guardian and all the popular repercussions of the case, including on an international scale.”

“It was a procedure that demanded extreme attention. Due to the pet’s physical characteristics, we added some questions to the standard adoption questionnaire, especially regarding the floor of the adopter’s home, ” Ribeiro said, the Revista News reported.

Four families were chosen as suitable candidates following the “rigorous” interview procedure, and then the search was reduced to one household in Porto Alegre.

According to Patas Guerreras, the new family is showing him “love and care.”