Cowboy fulfilled his last wish to see his horse one last time before passing away

17 years of Kevin’s life were spent with his beloved horse, and he wanted to spend some of his last moments with him.

This is the indescribable connection between humans and animals.

A touching reunion happened on a farm in Wichita, Kansas. Vic, Kevin Adkins’ favorite horse, hadn’t been seen in a long, so he wanted to make sure he saw him this time.

After all, they can never be sure when they may cross paths again. In particular, Vic cannot follow the cowboy because he is traveling to the great green horizon.

The reunion was videotaped and can be found on the internet.

In the clip, Adkins was brought into the driveway on a stretcher while an ambulance waited just outside the front door. Adkins was laying on a gurney, and various monitoring gadgets for his health were connected onto him at the same time. The Kansas cowboy, who is now 55 years old, has been battling for three years.


And in that time span of three years, he has not lost touch with his friend. Vic, the horse that he has lavished over two decades’ worth of love and care onto, is patiently waiting at the property.

As Adkins was nearing the end of his life, one of his final wishes was to see Vic.


The friends and relatives of Adkin helped to make the reunion happen.

A day later, Adkins passed dead.


Friend of the family Megan Hoover-Wadley told KAKE: “He would be out here every day, and he would always look for you so no matter where you were he was looking for you so he could wave and smile.”

Vic served as an honorary pallbearer at Adkin’s funeral, allowing for the last farewell from longtime friends. For their friends and family, witnessing their closeness was such a touching and sentimental experience.