Couple with Down syndrome become prom king and queen stun their classmates

Every kid eagerly anticipates prom night. It’s their chance to look their best, and they may even bring a cute date. Especially in the US, prom is a major occasion. It is a common story point in many coming-of-age films.

We understand that prom is a significant occasion. However, have you ever considered how prom could be for those who were born a little differently from you? Naturally, I’m referring to those who have illnesses like Down syndrome.


Zane Wales and Anna Anderson, two high school students, both have down syndrome. Since middle school, they have been a couple.

Jefferson Forest High School’s prom was quickly approaching for the kids. As was the case with everyone else, Zane and Anna will participate.


But compared to other proms, this one would be a little different.

The other students had a surprise in planned for Zane and Anna that they was unaware of.


They desired to crown Zane as prom king. Anna would be prom queen, of course.

It aimed for inclusivity. At the school, they hoped Zane and Anna to feel welcomed. Down syndrome affects only 1 in 1,000 newborns.


It took weeks of preparation to get to this.

Heather Hevener, one teacher said: “They see these kids every day. They walk the same halls with these same kids, and they just feel like they’re part of them, so they wanted to make sure that they also really felt part of them.”

Thus, everyone was present on that momentous day.

Zane was on the dance floor by himself when a student with a microphone screamed his name. Naturally, he didn’t know why.


Then a student standing at the top of the stairs announced that: “You’re our prom king, Zane!”

Zane lifted his fist to acknowledge the cheers when everyone started cheering. But it didn’t stop there. Every prom should have a prom queen to match the prom king.

And Anna, the prom queen picked by the entire school, is here!


He is grinning, she is grinning, and everyone else is grinning. This prom night will go down in history for all good things.

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