The agency refuses to allow a boy with Down syndrome to model their clothing

We live in an era when advertising and advertisements are changing and reflecting society as a whole. Some fashion labels have used elderly models, while others have banned the practice of retouching model photos. Having said that, there is still a long way to go. Because when a caring mother submitted photos of her son […]

Rescue of a couple and their dogs from a roof during terrifying flash floods

As I saw this video of a couple and their pets being rescued by a helicopter during a flash flood, my pulse was racing! On September 10, 2015, catastrophic flash flooding struck the Japanese city of Joso, which is located north of Tokyo. A hundred or so individuals were left trapped as the roaring waves […]

Touching video: An elephant is reunited with her mother after 3 years of separation

An Asian elephant’s tearful reunion with her mother after a long separation is captured in a poignant video, supporting the adage that elephants never forget. Me-Bai, a young elephant, is shown stroking Mae Yui, her mother, at the Elephant Nature Park sanctuary in northern Thailand. After a 62-mile journey through the Thai forest, the two […]

Cat can’t stop knocking things to the floor: ‘Now pick it up’

Pudge will knock anything that is in her way on to the floor no matter what it is. She’s all the entertainment we need. Following is some comments from this video: “That cat’s havin’ a blast playing with the human.” “Silly kitty is having a lot of fun.” “Cat’s like, “This is fun. What’s next?”” […]

Nine-year-old becomes viral after collapsing repeatedly on a slingshot ride

Various people are affected by rollercoasters in different ways. One young girl in particular simply couldn’t handle it. Look at this: During a family vacation to the Gold Coast, Australia, Molly Barrett and her father AJ chose to ride the slingshot at a theme park. Sadly, the nine-year-old child passed out as a result, so […]

In Montenegro, a gunman was shot after killing 10 people, including two children and their mother

In the western Montenegrin city of Cetinje, a shooter shot and murdered 10 people, including two children and their mother. He was then shot dead by a civilian. After a preliminary inspection of the crime site, a state prosecutor informed the nation’s main network Vijesti TV that six other people had been hurt. The head of […]

This butterfly’s wing markings look like the good luck number 88 

The most amazing things can happen when filming in attractive areas like Tatama National Park in Colombia’s rainforest. Wildlife photographers Thomas Marent and David Weiller obtained great footage of a magnificent and rare butterfly while visiting that park. The butterfly’s wings contain distinct markings that resemble the number 88, a lucky number. In Chinese culture, […]

In a sweet Little League moment, a hitter soothes a heartbroken pitcher

The finest displays of sportsmanship occasionally come from young athletes. The occurrence took place during the Little League Southwest Regional Playoff championship. In the Southwest Region championship game on Tuesday, Kaiden Shelton of Pearland, Texas, threw a pitch that hit Isaiah Jarvis of Tulsa, Oklahoma, on the ear flap of his helmet when a spot […]