In Montenegro, a gunman was shot after killing 10 people, including two children and their mother

In the western Montenegrin city of Cetinje, a shooter shot and murdered 10 people, including two children and their mother. He was then shot dead by a civilian. After a preliminary inspection of the crime site, a state prosecutor informed the nation’s main network Vijesti TV that six other people had been hurt. The head of […]

This butterfly’s wing markings look like the good luck number 88 

The most amazing things can happen when filming in attractive areas like Tatama National Park in Colombia’s rainforest. Wildlife photographers Thomas Marent and David Weiller obtained great footage of a magnificent and rare butterfly while visiting that park. The butterfly’s wings contain distinct markings that resemble the number 88, a lucky number. In Chinese culture, […]

In a sweet Little League moment, a hitter soothes a heartbroken pitcher

The finest displays of sportsmanship occasionally come from young athletes. The occurrence took place during the Little League Southwest Regional Playoff championship. In the Southwest Region championship game on Tuesday, Kaiden Shelton of Pearland, Texas, threw a pitch that hit Isaiah Jarvis of Tulsa, Oklahoma, on the ear flap of his helmet when a spot […]

10 amazing photos of one of the world’s largest cats – The Stunning Big-Pawed Canadian Lynx 

Alaska and Canada are home to the magnificent large cat called the Canadian Lynx. Despite resembling bobcats, they have distinctive features including large paws and protruding ear tufts. Their thick hair and triangular ears, which are distinguished by black tufts, are features of these huge cats. They live in extremely chilly and ice environments that […]