Cat and Rabbit Work Together to Share Parenting Duties and Feed Each Other’s Young

A cat and a rabbit have become co-parents to both their litters, which were born days apart. Surprisingly, they are also feeding each other’s babies. More than two weeks ago, Chrissy the cat moved her kittens into the rabbit hutch, making Amy the bunny an inter-species nanny. One day, Destiny Hampton found Chrissy snuggling up […]

Icon of Hollywood Angela Lansbury Is 96 Years Old and Has Been Acting For Almost Eight Decades

The iconic Dame Angela first appeared on the scene in 1944. Despite being only 17 years old, she made an immediate impression as a flirty maid in Gaslight, a classic psychological thriller. After more than 75 years and numerous accomplishments, she is regarded internationally as an icon and an actress of extraordinary power and diversity. […]

8-year-old boy finds big tooth from shark that lived 22 million years ago while on vacation

A large fossilized shark tooth was found while digging through gravel and dirt by an eight-year-old boy who was on a family fossil hunt. The boy made the incredible discovery while visiting Palmetto Fossil Excursions, an educational fossil-hunting facility in Summerville, South Carolina, with his family. The boy allegedly discovered a 4.75-inch Angustiden tooth in […]

Arizona mother’s quick actions saves daughter after sex offender breaks into home

According to the Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office, a registered sex offender broke into the home of an Arizona mother, but the mother’s quick actions allowed her to save her daughter, Fox 10 reported. A mother, her 12-year-old daughter, and her 16-year-old son were all sleeping when 54-year-old Prescott resident Lloyd Beard allegedly broke into their […]

Mother says online game which killed her son has resulted in 82 kids losing their lives

The mother of the late Archie Battersbee thinks that at least 82 deaths have been linked to the “blackout game” that killed her son. In her first interview since Archie’s death, Hollie Dance says social media companies need to tackle the deadly challenge. Speaking to the Mail, Hollie said: “The social media companies don’t do enough to stop harmful […]

Texas schools begin hanging ‘In God We Trust’ signs if they are donated to campuses

Texas schools begin hanging ‘In God We Trust’ signs

Schools all over Texas are now putting up signs that say “In God We Trust” because a new state law lets them do so if the signs are donated. The Carrol Independent School District in the northern Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex began putting up the signs this week. Patriot Mobile, a Christian conservative wireless provider, donated […]