Fred, a Labrador Retriever from the UK, adopts his third set of abandoned ducklings

After their duck mother vanished, the young chicks were abandoned on the grounds of Mountfitchet Castle in England before 15-year-old Fred the dog intervened. A 15-year-old Labrador retriever named Fred has taken in fifteen abandoned ducklings and is an unexpected but knowledgeable foster father. Despite not having the right appearance, Fred has experience raising ducklings. […]

Magical Moment Shows Twin Girl Born Inside Amniotic Sac in 1-in-80,000 Rare Case

In a rare 1-in-80,000 event, a twin baby girl was born inside an intact amniotic sac in Spain. The doctor who oversaw the delivery has shared photos and videos of the special moment, and they’re breathtaking. Dr. Ana Teijelo, a gynecologist and obstetrician at GVA Salut Vinaròs hospital in Spain’s eastern province of Castellón, Valencia, delivered twin baby girls on March 23 […]

Texas Tack Welder Carves Elaborate Lace Pattern Body for 1950s Chevy to Create Heavy Metal Artwork

When her cake-making business didn’t quite pan out the way she’d hoped, one small-town Texas gal turned her sights toward tack welding enormous steel sculptures instead. Swapping her icing pipe for a welder’s torch, 36-year-old metal artist Rae Ripple, from Big Springs, recently welded a work of vintage automobile art, revamping what once sat rusting […]

Blue Whale Seems to Be Blowing Rainbow Heart

A blue whale looks to have blown a rainbow-colored HEART when it came up for breath in this amazing photo. Tanakit Suwanyangyaun, a photographer, had the good fortune to capture one of the gorgeous beasts clearing its blowhole. However, the way the sunlight and water droplets fell gave the impression that the whale was blowing […]

Baby elephant made an amazing recovery after spending four days trapped in Poacher’s trap

What sweet, innocent little elephants they are. They are enormous puppies that get along well with people. Their big, brilliant eyes are brimming with innocence. However, some people decided to go hunting for these adorable critters. Some infants have the option of waiting for assistance, but others are less fortunate. A young, courageous infant Albino […]