Video: ‘Deep-dwelling’ fish with ‘glass’ transparent head, 360 degree rotating eyes

Because of their unusual size and physical structure, sea creatures are frequently compared to aliens. A fish called ‘alien’ now lives about 2,000 feet beneath the sea off the coast of California. The fish’s head is actually transparent, highlighting its glowing eyes. This deep sea creature is known as a ‘Bareilly fish.’ Using its Remote-Operated […]

Gathering around the keyboard, talented horses jam together. Who knew horses could be so gifted?

Watch as these three magnificent creatures assemble around a keyboard to produce music together! They certainly know how to amuse, and we’re all the better for it! “Brooksie, Wesley, and Lady are all horse rescues from kill pens. They are part of my Misfit Crew Sanctuary.” “My sanctuary rescues senior, critical care needs, and hospice […]