As temperatures reached 26 degrees Celsius, police officers smashed the glass of a parked automobile to rescue a Shih Tzu who had become trapped inside

Nottinghamshire Police rescued a puppy that had been left in a car park in Nottingham.When NET tram staff noticed the Shih Tzu barking, they phoned the police.The window was slightly open, but the dog had fainted by the time police arrived. The owner has been summoned to a police interview, and the RSPCA is conducting […]

Hurry up, dog! Passenger on a train snaps funny interaction with a peckish dog that unsuccessfully attempts to steal their prawn cocktail crisps

A sequence of four photographs depicts the pet’s anguish as it tries to get to the crisps but is prevented by the tight distance between the train seats. The photographs have already gone viral, with many people expressing sympathy for the starving dog… A dog owner recorded all of the feelings of a hungry dog […]