Darling miniature horse dozing off while cradled in its owner’s embrace

One of the most important considerations to ponder is whether you have the time to care for a horse or pony. These animals require daily attention, regardless of weather conditions, personal schedules, or holidays. Keeping a horse on your property is a year-round responsibility that demands your daily commitment. As evidenced by the video, horses […]

Tennessee Walking Horse mare adopts an orphan foal as her own

Tennessee Walking Horses are a versatile breed, known for their pleasant disposition, durability, and dependability. While they are famous for their unique gait, which provides a smooth and comfortable ride, there are numerous other qualities that make them outstanding horses. The breed’s running walk footfall pattern is identical to that of the regular walk, but […]

Officer bravely ventured through a heavy snowstorm to rescue a dog that was lost in the snow

Witnessing individuals go above and beyond to assist an animal in distress is truly uplifting. Such an act of kindness recently took place in Utah when a law enforcement officer persevered through a severe snowstorm to rescue a distressed dog. As per a Facebook post by the Ogden Police Department, Animal Service Officer A. Dickman […]

Video: Wild horse expresses gratitude to rescuer for freeing him from chains

Ovidiu, a veterinarian from Four Paws International, rescued two wild horses with chains around their front legs. In Romania, it’s a typical practice to chain wild horses to prevent them from fleeing. However, this endangers them as they become unable to escape predators. Fortunately, the rescuer intervened before any harm could befall the horses. Ovidiu […]