A 9 year old boy feeds stray dogs with money from his pocket and then raises money to open an animal shelter

While the majority of people are inconsiderate when it comes to animals in need, some are willing to assist those helpless animals. And when a 9-year-old boy says this, it’s truly inspirational! Most children of this age undoubtedly spend their pocket money on treats like cookies or candy, but Ken Amante chose to donate it […]

A kind man found a way for his lab could meet the neighbors’ dogs that are his best friends

True friendship has no boundaries, as this story once again demonstrates! Giuseppe, a dog, was unable to leap to the fence’s edge and mingle with his neighbors. The proprietors helped him out. Two Great Danes named Vito and Bambino reside contentedly with their owners. The dogs used to live next door to a Labrador named […]

Video: Incredible moment vets save mother elephant’s life in front of her worried calf

Amazing moment After rescuing the duo from a drain in Thailand, veterinarians hop up and down on the mother elephant to provide CPR in front of the scared calf. Before a lengthy three-hour CPR procedure, veterinarians employed a crane to rescue a mother elephant who had become stuck in a golf drain. The 10-year-old bull […]