Horses covered in mud frolic in the mire, revealing a sense of childlike bliss

If you have an affinity for animals, observing them up close can be an enjoyable and informative experience. A recent interaction between a horse trainer and his stable horses at Stable Horse Training, located in Maple Ridge, British Columbia, is a prime example of this. The video of this interaction has gained popularity among horse […]

Picasso, the most renowned wild mustang in America, awaits your introduction

Amidst the Western United States’ mountains, gullies, and plateaus, a staggering population of over 71,000 wild horses roams free. On calm days, one can hear their gentle neighs and thunderous gallops. These resilient creatures raise their young in the rugged terrain, forage for sustenance in all conditions, and typically steer clear of human interaction. As […]

Mother mare is seen bravely defending her newborn foal against group of wild stallions

Nature can be brutal, and this story exemplifies that. In the wild, mothers have to constantly fend off predators to keep themselves and their offspring safe, but we rarely witness the struggles they face. The natural instinct of mothers to protect their young is a remarkable sight to behold in the wild, where they constantly […]