The rider and horse pair performed the song ‘Let it Go’ very impressively

A video that features a well-known song from a Disney film playing in the background while it demonstrates the incredible talents of a horse and its rider during a competition is giving people all around the world goosebumps. One of the most successful songs to ever come out of a Disney animated film was “Let […]

When Mini Horse sees his birthday present, he cannot contain his enthusiasm

Horses are wonderful animals, especially if you keep one on your farm. One little horse on Carson’s farm is called Teddy Bear, for instance. He recently reached the age of six months. Like all the adopted animals, Teddy Bear was born in Pennsylvania and soon transferred to his new residence. However, for the first few […]

Girls do amazing gymnastics routines on moving horses at equestrian competitions

In this beautiful video, Team Lütisburg competes in an international equestrian event. This gymnastic equestrian routine has been seen by millions of people. The difficult moves and quickness are sure to impress. At the start of the video, a group of women in pink and black leotards walk into a circle with a beautiful white […]