Caretaker is being chased by miniature horse that is only three days old

It is typical for a young horse to stick closely to its mother, following her every move. This behavior is understandable as foals lack confidence and depend on their mothers for protection from potential threats. The sense of security provided by their mother is crucial to their well-being, and many online videos demonstrate how adept horses are at fulfilling this role.

If a mare is determined to protect her foal, it can be difficult to approach them, even for a stallion. This overprotectiveness extends to humans or other unfamiliar animals as well. Typically, this behavior lasts for the first month, after which the mare gradually becomes less defensive and it becomes easier to get closer to the foal.

The video below features a scenario where it is not the owner attempting to approach the foal, but rather the opposite. In this particular clip, a miniature horse, only three days old, showcases an independent streak as he focuses his attention on chasing after his caretaker. Despite his young age, he displays a distinct inclination to make his own choices separate from his mother.

Being a miniature horse, he is smaller than the average baby animal, which makes his slightly disproportionate head even more adorable. Although the reason for his love of running around is unclear, it’s evident that he possesses a great deal of energy and a deep attachment to his human caretaker. The clip begins with them both in the corral, under the watchful eye of the mother horse.

Similar to the miniature horse featured in the previous video, this young foal also displays a strong fondness for humans. Without any encouragement, he excitedly resumes his favorite pastime – running around. It’s undeniable that this foal possesses boundless energy, making him a joy to watch. Personally, I would adore having a foal who would chase after me like this delightful young colt. Take a look and prepare to be thoroughly entertained.