Stray Dog Kicked By Cruel Driver Returns With Some Friends To Trash His Car

Recently, on social networks, images of a pack of dogs are biting a red car. People often say that you should let sleeping dogs lie, and it looks like someone didn’t follow that advice and was retaliated against by the dogs.

One driver in China returned to his Chongqing home and found a stray dog in his favorite parking spot, so he got out and kicked it. But that was not the end of the story.

It returned later with some of its companions and exacted its vengeance by chewing the car’s bodywork and windshield wipers of its attacker.

The dogs caused a lot of damage such as biting the car, chewing on the wipers…

A neighbor who lives nearby noticed the dogs’ hooligan behavior and took pictures. Otherwise, the owner will probably forever not know what happened to his beloved car.

Watch the following video: