Buried for 37 days under the rubble, the dog miraculously survived, weighing only 5kg instead of 30kg as at the beginning.

The dog’s survival energy is receiving a lot of encouragement and touching from the online community.

Dogs are famous for their loyalty as well as the strong will to survive in all adversity. And recently, the online community has just witnessed a touching story about a dog who, despite being buried in rubble for up to 37 days, still refused to give up hope of life.

Specifically, the story takes place in Cangbaotian village, Guizhou province, China, where a terrible landslide just happened a month ago, causing a large number of residents here to evacuate to a safe place. .

It took almost a month for Mr. Chen to return to his house, and there he was surprised to hear a dog barking from under the rubble. It is known that when the landslide occurred, Mr. Chen’s pet dog was chained in the house and because he was in a hurry, he did not have time to unleash it, so the dog could not run away but was crushed by the whole house. up.

The image of the dog after being found under the rubble

He thought he had given up hope of seeing his “pet” again, but when he heard the barking, Mr. Chen was very happy and tried to find a way to dig through the rubble to find the dog.

It took him 10 hours and his neighbors to successfully find where the dog was trapped, deep in the rubble. And although it was very tired, its eyes still shone with joy when it saw its owner.

And the journey to free the dog is not easy, when it is too weak to be able to drag itself out of the trapped place. People had to dig a deep hole, then provide water and food and then struggled for a long time to get the dog out of the trapped place safely.

Attempts to dig to rescue the small dog of the owner and neighbor

And what’s even more exciting is that after a “retirement” period, the dog was at peace, making everyone burst into tears. All still don’t understand how such a small dog can be so resilient, survive 37 days, or in hours will be 880 hours trapped, unable to move, without food or drink.

That can be considered a miracle, as well as proving the dog’s will to survive and never give up. It is known that after escaping the rubble, the dog only weighs about 5kg, compared to the original weight of about 30kg before the accident.

After being rescued, the dog is as alert as usual

Fortunately, after recovering, the dog was only slightly shaken, perhaps because he was stuck for so long but still very alert. The story of this energetic dog is going viral on social media and has brought tears to the eyes of many readers.

Many people were touched and admired the dog’s energy. Surviving for 37 days under extreme conditions, without eating or drinking, but also having to bear the weight of a pile of rubble, but still surviving is a miracle.