Boy with cancer comforts his brother after telling that he’s going to die

A heartbreaking photo of a 15-year-old boy suffering from terminal illness comforting his grieving brother after informing him that his life was about to end. It has moved many people to tears on the internet.

In 2019, Ian, the teen, was diagnosed with osteosarcoma, a type of bone cancer. His family was overjoyed when he was cancer-free after months of treatment and surgery.

Unfortunately, they discovered in November 2021 that the illness had not only resurfaced, but had also spread throughout his body.

He and his family have now been informed that “there is nothing else they could do” and that his life will unfortunately end “shortly.”

Ian burst into tears when he told his younger brother, Peter, whose age is unknown.

Little Peter sobbed in his arms as he realized his sibling’s days were numbered. Ian, on the other hand, consoled him and apologized for failing to beat cancer.

A touching photo of the two brothers was posted on Facebook by an Oregon-based man named Benjamin Elliott, whose relationship to Ian and Peter is unknown, and it quickly went viral, making many people sad.

It showed Ian hugging his younger brother “as close as ever” while the child wailed on his bosom, and Ian kissing Peter on the cheek.

According to Benjamin’s description, “this shot conveys a deeper meaning than words ever could without talking.”

This week, Ian and his family learned that there was nothing else they could do.

Cancer, which had previously destroyed his body and against which he had fought, would soon be the disease that killed him.

Ian began sobbing after realizing he might die soon, according to Benjamin, but not out of fear.

He went on to say that he was fine with it. Ian sobbed because, as he put it, he just wanted to do one good thing in the world before leaving them all.

According to the Facebook user, Ian chose to inform his friends and younger brother that his disease will eventually kill him rather than allowing his parents to spread the word.

He believes that this photo genuinely sheds light on the “good” that Ian desired and believed he needed to give.

Even when his prognosis was bleak, Ian was the one to console his friends and younger brothers.

Benjamin concluded by saying that Ian has stated that he will no longer “sit around dying,” but has “decided to stay active living until his death becomes a fact.”

While expressing sadness, he also admits that he is fine with dying, he wrote. Ian, on the other hand, refuses to live for himself. He decides to live entirely for others until the day he dies.