Both the Haflinger horse and her best companion are given with beautiful blonde curls

A horse with a stunning mane resides in the Netherlands. She is Storm, a Haflinger horse. Her beautiful, blonde hair is gorgeously curled. She is a fantastic match for her close friend Naomi Beckers because of all of this.

Storm has known Naomi Beckers for her entire life. Because Beckers also has stunning golden hair that is curled, they are the ideal fit. It would be difficult to distinguish them if their hair was viewed combined.

They have been friends for years, and their relationship is now closer than ever. They even shaved Storm’s hair into a star pattern on her back.

Source: Youtube

Naomi and Storm demonstrate their abilities to one another outside on the farm grounds. Naomi is wearing thick clothing because it is a chilly day, and Storm’s magnificent hair is twirling in the wind.

Storm immediately complies with Naomi’s requests. She circles, bows, sits, and then collapses to the ground. She will do anything for her best buddy.

Even better, Naomi and Storm enjoy taking pictures together, each of them finding the perfect posture. Naomi is even allowed to ride on top of Storm. The sight of the two of them together is captivating.

The relationship between a person and their cherished animal is one of the most beautiful and precious things in the world. The ideal illustration of that is the friendship between Storm and Naomi.