Blue Whale Seems to Be Blowing Rainbow Heart

A blue whale looks to have blown a rainbow-colored HEART when it came up for breath in this amazing photo.

Tanakit Suwanyangyaun, a photographer, had the good fortune to capture one of the gorgeous beasts clearing its blowhole.

However, the way the sunlight and water droplets fell gave the impression that the whale was blowing a rainbow-colored heart.

Tanakit had spent the day on a scuba dive tour, touring the region close to Sri Lanka while swimming with the whales.

He was delighted to snap this extra unique photo above the water after taking pictures of himself with the largest beasts on Earth underwater.

He said that the photos are a dream come true for him. He always wanted to swim with blue whales because it was such an incredible experience.

He added that he would go back again and again if he had the chance because the whales were swimming by very swiftly and we only saw each one for a few seconds before it swam off.