Because he couldn’t stand the sight of stray dogs on the streets, he adopted over 700 of them

He’s a human angel.

While you’re reading this, another cat or dog has been abandoned by its owner. Worse, another homeless animal has recently given birth to a litter, which will eventually add to the total number of homeless animals.

With this daily cycle, the number of stray animals will undoubtedly continue to rise, and there appears to be no end in sight. Thankfully, there are numerous non-profit organizations, individuals, and other groups working to alleviate the atrocious conditions that homeless animals face on the streets.

Sasa Peji, a man with a golden heart, is one of them.

He couldn’t bear the sight of homeless dogs on the streets, so he chose to care for 1100 of them!

The sight of sick and dying dogs on the streets breaks his heart to pieces. Sasa has a big heart for these creatures who require food, medical care, a place to live, and someone who will look after them.

Fortunately, he has the means to construct his own animal shelter. He repurposed his land and made it into an animal-friendly environment where his rescued canines could be themselves – eat, run, and play as they should. He desired that the location serve as a haven for them.

He is unquestionably an animal rights activist. He’s been doing this for almost ten years!

Over the past 10 years, Sasha Pesic has saved over 1100 dogs around the city of Nis, Serbia. The majority of the dogs were rescued from cruel conditions; they were abused and on the verge of death. Over 400 dogs have been happily adopted and are enjoying their new lives – full of love, safety, and joy.

However, Sasa’s noble goal necessitates financial assistance.

Maintaining a safe living environment for dogs, feeding them, and ensuring that none of them become ill all come at a cost. We’re not just talking about 20 to 30 dogs here; we’re talking about hundreds. According to his website, he still has a pack of 750 canines under his care, and the shelter is in desperate need of all kinds of help.

Fortunately, a charity headquartered in the United States called Harmony Fund supports Sasa in his mission to provide the best possible care for all dogs. The nonprofit also tries to aid homeless animals all throughout the world in whatever way it can.

“We offer a lifeline to underdog animal rescue squads across the planet. Our partners are the small but incredibly courageous animal rescue teams who operate in parts of the world where animal welfare is quite poor. Our supporters are dramatically impacting thousands upon thousands of animals who might otherwise go without food, shelter and veterinary care.”

It’s reassuring to know that people like Sasa and charitable organizations like the Harmony Fund are going above and beyond to save neglected pets worldwide. Hopefully, more and more individuals will join them in providing these wonderful canines with a brighter future and a happier existence.

You can help individuals with golden hearts like them by donating to Sasa’s shelter or the Harmony Fund.