Beautiful Arabian Chestnut Horse

Jood Al Ulia is a stunning Arabian mare sired by the stallion Rol Intencyty out of the mare Hail Meri SA, bred by Tarrance Floyd, below you can see a video of Jood Al Ulia as a foal.

JK Arabian Stables JK Arabian Stables has over 30 wonderful horses, eight different breeds from miniature horses to the warm-bloods and drafts was previous located in Monticello Florida for 9 years, before moving to Tallahassee to be closer to our clientele and to provide the opportunity for you to enjoy your National Forest. The Apalachicola National forest is your forest for your enjoyment, we will provide the horses and guides for wholesome relaxing fun in this beautiful naturally wooded green forest with hills, slopes, lakes, flowers, dog wood trees, and stress buster.