Baby goat with 22-inch ears becomes a star, possibly having the world’s longest goat ears

Some animals are born with very large ears, just like in the movie Dumbo. And what makes them unique also makes them incredibly special.

Animals with big ears have the potential to become famous worldwide and possibly into the record books. One goat with improbable large ears is currently causing a stir and is trying to break the existing record in order to set a new one.

KARACHI, PAKISTAN – JUNE 16: A baby goat named Simba, has the World’s longest ears which are 48 cm , is seen in Karachi Pakistan on June 16, 2022. (Photo by Yousuf Khan/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)

Simba, a young goat from Karachi, Pakistan, has been drawing attention in his native nation as a result of his unusual and eye-catching feature: huge ears that measure 54 cm, or nearly 22 inches.

Goat farmer Mohammad Hasan Narejo, who is the owner of Simba, claims that this unusual child has gained media attention in Pakistan. He told AFP that Simba gained him tremendous recognition in just one month and attained levels of fame that other superstars can only hope for.

“He has not only made me proud, but Pakistan, too,” Mohammad told AFP. “Within 10 to 12 days of his birth, he was already appearing in all the national and international media — and won a beauty contest.”

Mohammad wishes to establish the fact that Simba most likely has the longest ears of any goat in the entire globe.

Unfortunately, there is no category for “Longest Goat Ears” in Guinness World Records.

However, the business owner claims that he has been trying to get Guinness to confirm the record:

“They have accepted our application. Within 10 to 12 weeks, a team of Guinness Book of World Records will be here in Pakistan to measure its ears,” he told Times of India.

Guinness claims to hold records for the longest dog ears, rabbit ears, bat ears, and even the longest human ear hair, so they could presumably add a new category for Simba.

Simba is living his best life, soaking up the spotlight, and establishing himself as a local superstar even as he waits to be included in the record books. Mohammad takes some spiritual precautions to ensure that his goat is safe from harm, including equipping him with unique straps to preserve his magnificent ears.

We blow on him and recite verses from the Koran to throw out the evil eye, he told AFP. We have wrapped a black thread with Koranic passages around him as per a long-standing custom we acquired from our elders.

According to reports, Simba is currently enjoying a “pampered existence” in Karachi, and his owner is optimistic that Simba’s stardom is just getting started. Mohammad remarked that “Simba’s Pakistan name must travel the entire world.”

That is one amazing, exceptional goat! Simba deserves to break a real world record and live his greatest life, therefore we hope he does!

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