When a man is informed he only has 5 years to live, he goes to a shelter and requests a ‘fat, middle-aged dog’

The story of Eric and Peety is told by Mutual Rescue (a trademark of Humane Society Silicon Valley). Eric’s doctor informed him that he only had five years to live. But all that changed once he acquired Peety from the animal shelter… “Eric weighed 340 pounds and was diagnosed with high cholesterol, high blood pressure, […]

Strange story of glowing reindeer in Finland

According to estimates, in Finland every year about 4000 reindeer die in car accidents, and the damage is about 18 million USD. This has caused someone to think and find a solution to alleviate this situation. In Finland, driving at night is very dangerous. Wild animals can run into the road and drivers can crash […]

Discover The Victoria Crowned Pigeon, Nature’s Most Elegant Bird (20 Pics)

Nature’s magnificent masterpieces can be found everywhere we look on this incredible world. Given the evidence shown here, it is simple to understand why some believe that nature is the world’s greatest artist: We must admit that the Victoria Crowned Pigeon is an exotic bird that doesn’t resemble any other pigeon. Along with its stunning […]