This ‘teddy bear face’ senior dog can’t comprehend why he has been brought back to the shelter on seven occasions

Cute and adorable dogs are often the top picks for adoption at shelters because people love them. However, Martin, a senior dog at the SPCA of Wake County, hasn’t had the same fortune. Martin’s previous owner, who was also a senior, surrendered him because he could no longer provide adequate care for Martin in his […]

Officer bravely ventured through a heavy snowstorm to rescue a dog that was lost in the snow

Witnessing individuals go above and beyond to assist an animal in distress is truly uplifting. Such an act of kindness recently took place in Utah when a law enforcement officer persevered through a severe snowstorm to rescue a distressed dog. As per a Facebook post by the Ogden Police Department, Animal Service Officer A. Dickman […]

Dog living in the shelter was continually turned away, so he decided to make his own bed in order to prove that he is a good boy

Rush, a gentle and loving Pit Bull, had a difficult life on the streets until he was taken in by the SICSA Pet Adoption Center in Ohio. Despite his endearing personality, potential adopters were hesitant to adopt a Pit Bull. However, one day, the volunteers witnessed Rush making his bed with utmost care, tucking the […]