A 7-year-old girl is paralyzed after a teen lands on her back from 30 feet above at Loretta Lynn’s campground

Life sometimes throws unexpected circumstances our way. A fun-filled day turned into a family’s worst nightmare when their daughter was involved in a freak accident. Sarah Faulkner, 7, was enjoying a refreshing swim at a Waverly swimming hole. While swimming in Hurricane Creek at Loretta Lynn’s campground, a teenager jumped from a 30-foot rock and […]

Man skips wedding to rescue dog on camera

There are numerous animal rescue videos on the internet. These videos serve as a reminder that some people must make sacrifices in order to restore faith in humanity. The video of a man foregoing a wedding ceremony to save a dog is a perfect match for the one mentioned above. The video was initially shared […]

After being lost in the Pacific Ocean for 5 weeks, a German shepherd was discovered alive

A dog was reported missing two miles off the coast of San Diego, California, near San Clement Island. After falling off a fishing boat, into the Pacific Ocean the one-and-a-half-year-old German shepherd was presumed to have drowned. Surprisingly, she was discovered alive and well five weeks later! Luna was on a commercial fishing boat with […]

When a cop responds to a call about a ‘vicious’ pit bull on the loose, a good boy jumps into the police car

He wasn’t a monster, but he was a great dog. A police officer in Texarkana, Texas, responded to a report of a “vicious” pit bull running loose in a neighborhood. He was expecting to meet a monster, but instead he found a good boy on his best behavior. Officer Travis Frost approached the pit bull […]