Five-year-old girl stuns onlookers by horse leaping a distance of two feet and six inches

Adults, in general, have the mindset that riding a large horse has a substantial difficulty level. When you watch a child engaged in the same activity with joy, though, you have an unbelievable feeling. After all, children have incredible capacities for learning and can quickly assimilate new information. A similar event occurred not so long […]

Woman in Oregon saves one horse, and then goes on to save more than two hundred other animals

After reaching the age of 50, Claire Staples made the decision to focus her life on something more significant. She owned a small ranch in California and made the decision to take in a couple of horses that needed rescuing. However, the more animals she rescued, the more she became aware that there were a […]

Escaped miniature horse runs loose along Ontario highway

Police in Ontario said a pair of witnesses stepped in to corral a runaway miniature horse seen running loose alongside a busy highway. The Ontario Provincial Police said the mini horse escaped its pen and was spotted running alongside Highway 401 in Oxford County, just outside of Woodstock, Thursday morning. A pair of passers-by spotted the loose […]