Chess robot breaks finger of seven-year-old opponent when he takes turn quickly

Chess is a strategy game that requires patience, calm concentration, and intellectual effort when played by people. Usually, there is no violence involved. But machines don’t always seem to be capable of the same. According to Russian media agencies, a chess-playing robot, evidently upset by a seven-year-old boy’s rapid reactions, unceremoniously grabbed and broke his […]

Amazing video: The rescue of a polar bear whose tongue became stuck in a can and sought humans for assistance

A team of rescuers flew a whopping 2,125 miles from Moscow to help the female bear cub named Monetochka (Twitter/@jaccocharite)

Monetochka, the female cub, reportedly sought assistance from neighboring homes after a tin can became stuck to her tongue, rendering her unable to eat or drink. Authorities aided and released a malnourished polar bear cub whose tongue was stuck inside a tin can. The touching footage of the cub’s rescue has subsequently gone viral. Monetochka, […]