As temperatures reached 26 degrees Celsius, police officers smashed the glass of a parked automobile to rescue a Shih Tzu who had become trapped inside

Nottinghamshire Police rescued a puppy that had been left in a car park in Nottingham.
When NET tram staff noticed the Shih Tzu barking, they phoned the police.
The window was slightly open, but the dog had fainted by the time police arrived.

The owner has been summoned to a police interview, and the RSPCA is conducting an investigation.

Bodycam footage saw cops rescuing a ‘distressed’ and barking Shih Tzu by busting through the window of a stifling hot automobile.

Officers were summoned to a car park in Nottingham on Monday afternoon after a thirsty dog was observed panting and crying for aid inside a locked car as temperatures reached 26 degrees Celsius in the city.

The owner had left a window slightly open, but when authorities came, the poor tiny black Shih Tzu had fallen from heat exhaustion.

Nottinghamshire Police responded to a report from tram personnel and arrived at the NET tram park & ride just in time to save the dog’s life.

On Monday, August 8, just after 2.20pm, a cop shattered the glass and unlocked the door of the silver hatchback.

The worried officer then took up the panting dog and said ‘Come on. Come on pupper.’

He then moved the Shih Tzu to the shade, where a coworker provided the dog with water from a bottle.

Police then took him to a nearby pet hospital under blue lights, where doctors measured his fever as 39.1 degrees Celsius.

The dog is presently doing well, and the owner has been called to a police interrogation. The RSPCA will also be notified about the situation.

With temperatures in Nottinghamshire likely to exceed 30 degrees Celsius this week, dog owners are being advised once more not to leave their pups in hot cars, even with the windows partly open, as was the case in this instance.

‘Firstly, I would like to thank staff at NET Nottingham Tram for alerting us to this incident,’ said Jamie Martin of the Broxtowe response team. It is unlikely that the dog would have lived if they had not done so.

‘Many people think it’s OK to leave their dog in the car on a warm day providing the windows are open. But this incident shows that just simply isn’t the case. Put simply, you should never leave your dog alone in a car on a warm day.’

‘While leaving a dog in a hot car is not prohibited, owners are legally liable for their pet’s health and wellbeing.

If a dog fell ill or died as a result of being left in a hot car, owners might face animal cruelty charges under the Animal Welfare Act 2006.’

‘This could lead to a prison sentence and/or a fine.’

Even when the weather isn’t particularly warm, automobiles may get as hot as an oven, according to the RSPCA. According to the charity, when it’s 22 degrees outside, the automobile may reach 47 degrees in one hour.

‘As the hot weather continues, it’s more vital than ever to communicate the information that dogs die in hot automobiles,’ said an RSPCA representative.

‘Many people believe that leaving their dogs for a short length of time is sufficient, but not for long. Temperatures may quickly rise to lethal levels, putting pets at grave risk.’

‘If someone sees a dog in distress in a hot car, we urge them to dial 999. It’s really positive to see forces like Nottinghamshire Police, and others across England and Wales, taking action when dogs need their help in these potentially fatal situations.’

According to Nottinghamshire Police, if you observe a dog in difficulty in a hot car, call 999.