An adorable elephant that sleeps whenever she hears her caretaker sing a lullaby

A calming melody can put even the most agitated children to sleep, but what about an elephant that is fully grown? None, surely?

Faamai, a female elephant at the Save the Elephant Foundation in Thailand who is disproving our assumptions.

After her caregiver Sangduen “Lek” Chailert sang her a Thai lullaby, Faamai fell asleep, as shown in the following YouTube video shared by the channel elephantnews:

At first, the large elephant seemed to be luring Lek with a hug before she fell asleep with a soothing lullaby.

Lek has appeared in the films on Animal Planet, BBC, Discovery, National Geographic, and Animal Planet as an animal conservationist and director of the sanctuary. She is also someone who has long promoted elephant conservation.

In another scene, Lek even goes to sleep among newborn elephants to reassure and comfort them.

The video’s caption reads: “Not just only human babies need that. Elephants want that part too,”

Although there is no scientific evidence to indicate whether elephants or other general animal species really respond to music, animals have been known to like it and actually hum to themselves.

Last September, giraffes at three zoos in Europe recorded low-frequency hums, but the origin of the hums was still unclear.

Gorillas also compose happy melodies that they sing to themselves either before or during meals, according to research done earlier this year.