Amazing video: Boaters Find A Dog Stranded Alone In The Middle Of The Ocean

“You could tell he just had the swim of his life.”

The other day, something in the sea caught Bryn Crowell’s attention while she and a few friends were having fun on a boat off the coast of Florida. When the boat’s captain slowed down and turned around,  Crowell thought that someone on board must have missed their hat.

Crowell said: “My first thought was, ‘Woah, that hat looks like a dog. Another second later, I realized it WAS a dog!”

Nobody knew how or why the animal had gotten there. so far from the coast. However, one of Crowell’s friends jumped in to help the suffering dog without any hesitation.

Watch the video:

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 Even though the small puppy had been shaken, it was fortunate to still be alive.

Crowell said: “You could tell he just had the swim of his life.”

Fortunately, the dog named Zuko had his owner’s contact information on his collar.

Crowell said: “We called and could hear that they were crying and upset on the phone call.”

It turned out that Zuko’s owners had also been out on a boat that day. Their dog had somehow slipped overboard without their being notified in time. Crowell and her friends had been instrumental in saving Zuko’s life.

“When we returned Zuko, we could see [his owners] holding him close and crying.”

Later, the owners sent a note to thank them and describe how anxious they had been when they discovered Zuko was missing:

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