Amazing Moment The Largest Sea Turtle In The World Emerges From The Sea

This is the incredible moment the world’s largest sea turtle emerges from the water onto the beach.

A magnificent leatherback turtle appears to have emerged from the water and is resting on the sand.

The largest species of turtle in the world is the leatherback. They don’t have a hard shell like most turtles do; instead, their backs are covered in thick, leathery skin, hence the name.

Leatherback turtles prefer to travel alone and only interact with other turtles during mating season. They lay their eggs on a beach, just like other turtles, and let the newborn turtles find their way to the water.

Their adaptation to the colder waters allows them to dive deep in search of their preferred diet, jellyfish.

Amazingly, the leatherback sea turtles from Fins can get up to 9 feet taller than any other sea turtle!

Check out a leatherback resting on the beach in the following video: