After the baby girl stopped breathing in the middle of the night, a dog intervened to save her life

A dog in the house is always a blessing because they are not only devoted and caring friends but also life-saving animals. We’ve heard tales of dogs defending their owners or warning them of danger.

One mother is now praising her dog as a hero for saving the life of her infant by alerting the parents just in time when the child’s respiration stopped.

Henry, a Boston terrier, belongs to Kelly Andrew from Boston, Massachusetts. The dog recently began misbehaving during the night, breaking into their nursery and startling Kelly’s infant.

Kelly claims that she grew “tired” of her dog’s antics, especially since the baby had been sick.

She then became aware that her baby was not breathing.

When Kelly learned that Henry wasn’t being disruptive but rather was attempting to save the baby’s life – Her child was taken urgently to the hospital.

The dog sensed something wasn’t right somehow. Henry most certainly saved the baby’s life by keeping her awake and aiding in alerting the parents, enabling her to receive medical attention before it was too late.

Kelly posted on Twitter, “I don’t know what would have happened if he hadn’t woken her.” and “We don’t deserve dogs.”

The infant spent the night in the hospital, and today is “doing much better.”

Kelly adds that despite Henry’s fear of the dark, her loyal dog “bravely held the fort all night,”

She also expressed gratitude to the ER department Connecticut Children’s Hospital , calling them “actual heroes” for assisting her daughter.

However, as the story spread online, Henry the good dog received most of the attention. People were astounded by the dog’s instincts, and several even related their own similar tales, illuminating the fact that dogs may save lives even when it seems like bad dog behavior.

One lady wrote, “We couldn’t figure out for the longest time why my service dog kept going in to my parents room several times a night sniffing my dad’s face and nudging him repeatedly”.“They always pushed her away and she would still circle back. She stopped as soon as he got his pacemaker.”

“I’m chronically ill. There’s been many a time I’ve gone to the hospital because one of my dogs has started sniffing and paying attention to a body part and alerting something’s wrong,” another wrote. “Dogs are heroes!”