After spending years apart, horse brothers reunite with emotion

This video has been viewed more than 300,000 times.

Do you recall reuniting with an important person?
We’ve believed for a very long time that having memories and cherishing people and things from the past are inborn human characteristics.

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That is the furthest thing from the truth. Animals are unable to verbally communicate their emotions, but they are able to remember people and family members.

The TikTok user @Wranglerbum demonstrated how horses react during reunions.
The video began with Harley eagerly galloping to the enclosure’s perimeter.

His eyes were glued to the camera, following the movements of whatever was behind it.

Koda, the other horse, is Harley’s sibling.

Both horses are related.
The video did not elaborate on their situation, but the caption stated that the siblings hadn’t seen each other in years – at least until now.

The two horses greeted each other with excited sniffs, but it was the way Koda and Harley gently bumped their heads together that captured the hearts of the audience.

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The two horses appeared to have a quiet conversation on their own terms, without the use of words.
It was an original way to express “I’ve missed you,” or “Where have you been?” or better yet, “I am here now. Don’t worry; I am here now.”

They held their heads together for quite some time until the reunion’s excitement overcame them.

Koda neighed and stamped while Harley kissed his brother over the fence.

The video rapidly went viral.
This video has been viewed more than 300,000 times.

People also left tens of thousands of comments expressing their emotions regarding the video.

“And people say animals don’t love! Looks like a loving bond to me,” said one of the commenters.

“That is so lovely. You can see that they remember,” said another. “Together now until the end. Thank you for doing this. Brings tears to eyes.”

According to experts, horses are far more intelligent than we believe.
These animals comprehend language and maintain long-lasting relationships with humans and their families.

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According to experts, these relationships can last for years or even a lifetime.

Horses remember the good that was done for them, including compassionate and kind caregivers, in particular.

Additionally, they recognize kin even after years of separation.

Their exceptional memories allow them to recall not only their loved ones, but also problem-solving techniques. This is useful because horses are trained for a variety of tasks in the past.

This demonstrates that horses are not only intelligent, but also capable of forming bonds.
We hope that these two siblings will spend the rest of their lives together so that they can continue to grow up with their families.

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This serves as a reminder that even if we disagree about an animal’s capacity to feel, we should always treat them with love and compassion because they can certainly comprehend our emotions.