After his mother’s death, a pit bull sobs like a baby and begs a UPS driver to take him in

We adore stories about delivery drivers and the dogs they encounter along the way. This is a unique story. This is the story of Katie Newhouser and Leo!

Katie Newhouser has been a UPS delivery driver for 15 years. She enjoys giving the dogs on her route treats and affection. This is how she met Leo, a sweet Pit Bull, and his mother, Tina Rummel, who resided in one of her delivery zones.

Katie and Leo have been friends for a long time. Katie was saddened to discover that Tina had died, leaving Leo alone with his grief. Tina’s son, Canon, was on active sea service far from home, so Katie was worried for Leo’s safety.

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When Katie returned home, she found Leo had leaped into her car and refused to let her go. So, in the hopes that Canon would return to work soon, she decided to adopt him. Leo’s easygoing personality allowed him to easily bond with the other canines in Katie’s family at their new home. He quickly became an integral part of their family.

On other days, Leo would sob like a child before falling asleep because he missed Tina so much. His new siblings, on the other hand, always cheered him up with their love. Katie quickly knew she wouldn’t be able to say goodbye to the cute Leo.

Katie eventually took in Leo and provided him with the permanent home he needed. Leo’s big grin returned as a result of feeling safe and protected in his new home with his doggo siblings. We are overjoyed that Leo was able to reach an amicable resolution with his new family!